Spork Marketing Case Studies

Here's a short list of some of our more interesting online marketing war stories.

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Website Redesign For Big SEO Gains

Website redesigns are one of the quickest paths to marketing success. The trick is to do it right.

Here's the process we followed for a recent client website updated, and a summary of the gains we saw.

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Concept to Brand in 6 Months

Getting a new automotive brand off the ground can take years. But with the right approach, we had brand up and running in a little less than six months.

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Bundling To Boost Conversion Rate

Increasing conversion rate is one of the easiest ways to grow revenue. Of course, increasing conversion rates is easier said than done.

Via customer survey, we discovered and addressed a common concern with a line of bundled products.

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Explainer videos can be a great sales tool, but even the best video can be refined. Working with customer survey data, high performing ad copy, and a good understanding of the product, we updated an explainer video for improved engagement and conversion rate.

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Building Out A Content Family for Top Rankings

When a new retailer with a new website tries to rank for a competitive search term, success is usually years away.

However, a top notch product page with a whole family of supporting blog and video content can rank quickly.

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Triple PPC Advertising ROI With The Right Strategy

Pay-per-click advertising is tricky. Many companies take the wrong approach to auto part and accessory PPC advertising, which can limit return on investment.

We restructured a Google Ads account and managed to sell just as much product at a 1/3rd of the cost.

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Case Study Archive

Our case studies aren't just a way for us to promote our company - they're also here for any up-and-coming marketers, new business owners, or students looking for tips and tricks.

Here are a couple of case studies with some particularly important lessons.

Website Speed Matters

When we first published this case study back in 2014, Google wasn't yet explicitly emphasizing speed.

Today, website speed is critical to not only Google rankings but also high conversion rates.

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Increase Call Volume With An Exit Overlay

Exit intent javascript was cutting edge technology back in 2014 - we used it to fire some overlays that asked customers to call if they couldn't find what they needed.

The results were great, and to this day this is a great tactic for boosting calls, re-emphasizing USPs, and more.

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