Founded in 2006, our mission is to help automotive part and accessory companies grow.

Auto Parts Is All We Do

Auto Parts

At Spork, we only provide marketing services to auto parts and accessories companies. Because we're specialists, we're often able to achieve big improvements quickly.

Excellent Customer Service


As a boutique agency, we offer personal service and attention to every client. When you work with us, you work with our entire team - not just a low-level account manger.

We Go Month-to-Month

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Because we provide affordable, high quality marketing services, we're confident our clients will renew. So, we don't require our clients to make a long-term commitment.

Our Facilities

Available Workspace and Conference Room

Auto Parts Marketing Experts

Jeep Wrangler in our studio

Parts Photo & Video Studio


Located in Denver, Colorado

Spork Marketing is a team of experts working side-by-side in Denver, Colorado. We have an ecommerce product photo studio on site, with 360 photography and video capability. We do not offshore or outsource, but we do encourage our staff to work from home at least one day a week, which is nice.

our team

jason lancaster spork marketing

Jason Lancaster

President & Founder

Jason is the President and founder of Spork Marketing. He has more than 20 years of auto industry experience.






With years of marketing and advertising experience, Taryn is an adept marketer. Taryn manages all client accounts and staff, with a focus on day-to-day operations.



Laura Dominguez

Marketing Assistant

Superbly organized and an excellent multi-tasker, Laura manages much of our social media marketing and publishing activities. Laura also works on outreach.



Web Developer

As one of Spork Marketing’s original employees, Emma knows the ins-and-outs of Spork and is the team’s lead web developer and administrator for client websites.


Michele Doherty

Account Rep

Focused on business development as well as building and maintaining client relationships, Michele has frequent contact with clients. She also assists with other special projects.


Chiara Hoogervorst

Content Creator

Chiara is a content creating machine. She writes blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, and more. As a result, she knows quite a bit about auto parts.


zach ferguson

Zach Ferguson

PPC Specialist

Zach manages the PPC accounts here at Spork. Leveraging his analytical aptitude, he makes data-driven decisions that ensure advertising efforts culminate in successful results.


Sara Lancaster

Special Projects

Sara has spent 14+ years in the marketing industry and has worked in a number of different roles. With a knack for writing content, project management, and art direction, she supports the Spork team in a variety of ways.

ross williams spork


Content Editor

Ross has extraordinary knowledge about cars, trucks, engines, and the auto industry at-large. He reviews all content the Spork team produces and edits for technical details.


John Vancleave

Marketing Assistant

With a varied background, John brings a multitude of skills to Spork Marketing. Whether it’s photography or mocking up a new webpage, John helps to add that creative touch.