Search Engine Optimization - SEO

A lot of marketing agencies make SEO sound complicated and technical. They do this to build value in their services, and to keep their clients from asking too many questions.

At Spork, we've been doing auto parts and accessories SEO since 2006. We're not afraid to tell you that SEO is simple. There are three concepts to understand: Relevance, Trust, and Usability.


The content on your site has to be relevant to the consumer's search.

If a page doesn't have content - or if that content isn't closely related to the searcher's interest - the page won't rank.

And because consumers are drowning in information, your content needs imagery and video to rank #1.


Quality and authority are the keys to trust:

  • Your website content must be correct and helpful to be considered high quality.
  • Your website needs to earn links to be considered authoritative.

Trust is earned one link and one piece of content at a time.


The more user friendly your website is, the better it will rank. User friendly websites are:

  • Fast
  • Easy to use, and
  • Visually pleasing

When bounce rates are low and users spend time on your site, search engine rankings are higher.

At Spork, our SEO services focus on:

  • Creating quality content that helps the customer
  • Making sure your website is clear and easy to use
  • Earning quality links and social media mentions

Because SEO is fundamental to any online marketing effort, it is included in all our marketing packages.