The Social Side Of Parts and Accessories

The “trick” with social media is to understand what it is (and what it isn’t).

What Social Media Is:

Great at Building Trust

When your company earns a fan or a follower, it’s the beginning of what could be a long-term relationship. To build the consumer’s trust, you must share messages that resonate with them, be available to answer questions, and always be authentic.

Great at Online Branding

Your company’s online “brand” – or the identity that consumers will assign to your company – is largely determined by the content you share on social media. Sharing content that supports your marketing strategy increases customer loyalty.

What It Isn't:

A Bullhorn

Social media isn’t about pushing promotional messages. Success is about being conversational, interesting, and available.

Something You Mail In

A lot of companies ignore social media, to the point where Facebook messages and Tweets go ignored. An ignored social media profile is worse than no profile at all.

How Spork Does Social

At Spork, we view social media as a tool for building your brand, maintaining contact with your customers, and increasing customer loyalty.

  • We share quality, unique content on multiple networks for our clients daily
  • We monitor all these networks for customer responses so our clients can be available ASAP
  • We ensure consistent branding and message

We also use social media as a targeted advertising platform, from promoting content and new products to retargeting site visitors who didn’t convert.

Is your company using social media the same way? If not, let’s talk.

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