Social Media Marketing Services

At Spork, we take a transactional approach to social media:

  • Social media is great for boosting customer loyalty
  • Social media is a good tool for raising product and brand awareness
  • But for most auto parts and accessories brands, social media is not a customer acquisition channel

When it comes to selling parts and accessories, big investments in social media marketing have a poor ROI. Instead, we use social media to boost customer loyalty, to retarget previous visitors, and to create awareness (if applicable). Contact us to learn more.

Social Media Doesn't Sell A Lot Of Parts...

When you need to buy a part - or add an accessory to your vehicle - what website do you go to first? Instagram? Facebook? Twitter?

According to research, most people go to Google (or Bing) before they buy something. In fact, Google has published data showing that 87% of consumers start whatever they're going to do with a search.

This means that, about 9 out of 10 times, the best place to reach a potential customer is NOT social media!

Don't get us wrong - social media is a great tool for building a brand, raising awareness of a new product, and connecting with customers to boost loyalty. But it is not a great customer acquisition tool, and it should take a backseat to SEO and Pay-Per-Click Advertising most of the time.

Social Media Marketing