A/B Testing To A Better Explainer Video

Goals: Increased Conversion Rate; Lower Bounce Rate

A key landing page features a video explaining the product's features and benefits. The video has a direct impact on both bounce rate and conversion rate (we know because the page performs worse without it). We decide to try testing a few different versions of the video.

Action: Survey existing customers

Existing and previous customers are asked about the features and benefits they find most valuable. They're also asked to rank the features and benefits they found most compelling when they purchased.

Action: Create new video

Our team writes a new script using survey data to highlight features and benefits more selectively. A new explainer video is created around the new script, and A/B tests are begun.

Result: Better Engagement, Higher Conversion Rate

After several iterations, an improved explainer video has boosted engagement by 3%, and conversion rates by more than 10%.