Triple PPC Advertising ROI With The Right Strategy

Goal: Improved ROI from Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A successful brick and mortar auto accessories retailer with an unprofitable Google Ads pay-per-click account has asked us for help.

Action: Audit Existing Account

The current account was structured very poorly; There were several Google automated campaigns optimizing for unimportant actions. There was overlap between branded and non-branded search. Keyword targeted campaigns lacked refinements and fresh ad copy. There was no account level negative keyword strategy.

Action: Create A New Account

Because of the poor condition of the existing account, an all-new account was created. The new account featured our standard "mix" of PPC campaigns - brand, shopping, search remarketing, display remarketing, and top keyword.

Result: Triple Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

After mining the old account for all useful data, and creating a new account that leveraged our expertise in auto accessories pay-per-click advertising, the return on ad spend had tripled from just under 300% to more than 900%. Google advertising went from unprofitable to very profitable in just a few weeks.