Five Ways To Instantly Boost Online Parts and Accessory Sales


Email Your Customers

Emails serve two purposes. First, they keep your name in front of your previous customers. Second, emails drive sales.

The most effective emails are:

  • Simple coupons (like 10% off, free shipping, etc.)
  • Include 2 or 3 calls to action
  • Are sent using a trusted 3rd party provider (like MailChimp, SendGrid, etc.)

Start A Google Ads Campaign

Pay-per-click advertising puts your products in front of the right people at the right time. Managed correctly, Google pay-per-click advertising is incredibly effective.

Most auto parts and accessories companies earn $5-7 in revenue for every $1 they spend on pay-per-click advertising, with some retailers seeing even higher returns.

  • If your company hasn't tried pay-per-click advertising, it's a no-brainer.
  • If your company tried it once but didn't have much success, it's probably worth trying again.

Simplify Your Website

Want to sell more online? Strip all the distractions away from your website:

  • Your homepage should have one clear call to action, and then just a handful of additional elements
  • Your product pages should be clear and organized
  • Your main menu should should help your customers find the key pages on your site, as well as pages consumers want to see

NOTE: If you're not sure about what to do to simplify your website, check out our conversion rate diagnostic service here.

Make Sure All Your Key Pages Have Content

Most ecommerce sites need content in two key areas to boost sales:

  1. Every product page should have good photos and a useful description
  2. Every category page should have a good summary up top that tells the customer they're in the right place, and highlights some important products

While it can take work to add content to every page, it encourages consumers to buy. It also helps with SEO too.


List Your Products on Ebay and/or Amazon

While it can be difficult to get your Amazon or eBay store up and running - and your margins on these platforms are thin - both can provide a revenue boost.

However, if you've never sold products on Amazon or eBay, caution is the word. Start small, make sure you understand the systems and all the rules, and focus on customer service. Customer ratings and reviews are the difference between success and failure on these platforms.

Want More Auto Parts and Accessories Marketing Ideas?

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Contact us and we'll be glad to discuss your site, your strategy, and what else you might be able to do to grow quickly.