Five Ways To:

Instantly Boost Online Parts and Accessory Sales

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1. Start Emailing Your Customers a Monthly Newsletter

Monthly newsletters serve two purposes. First, they keep your name in front of your previous customers. Second, they can deliver useful and timely information. Generally speaking, the most effective newsletters:

  • Are short – 200 words or less
  • Have 2-3 clear calls to action
  • Are sent using a trusted 3rd party provider like Vertical Response.

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2. Launch a Google Adwords/PPC Campaign

When managed correctly, pay-per-click advertising from Google can be incredibly effective. This is because you’re able to advertise your products to precisely the right people at precisely the right time.

However, the key to Google AdWords success is proper management. Ad hoc ad campaigns drawn up by novices generally don’t perform very well. If you can’t hire a Google AdWords professional, you need to get some formal training.

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3. List Your Products on Ebay or Amazon

While it can be difficult to get your Amazon or eBay store up and running, and your margins on these systems aren’t always fantastic, eBay and Amazon are both incredibly popular websites that receive millions of visitors each day.

What’s more, if you take the time to learn about these sites and experiment, you’ll probably find a good way to make money.

Many of the dealers and retailers/manufacturers we work with find success on one or both of these sites.

4. Simplify Your Website Checkout Process

Never create obstacles that your customers must overcome. Mandatory website registration, asking customers to share “how they heard about you,” or redundant systems that require them to enter their mailing address twice are barriers to a sale. Get rid of them and website sales will increase.

5. Make sure all your website pages have tags and content

If you run an ecommerce website, there are two relatively simple things you can do to boost organic search traffic:

  1. Tag your pages with appropriate keywords
  2. Make sure every page has 200+ words of unique, useful, and relevant content

It takes time to do both of these things, but it’s a sure-fire way to boost website traffic, as both Google and Bing LOVE tags and content.

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