Spork Case Study: Website Speed Enhancements

Boost Search Traffic 53%

Our Goal

Increase Blog Traffic

What We Did

In an effort to try and improve website speed, we upgraded website hosting from a simple shared hosting server to a virtual dedicated server. We mostly made this change to increase reliability…speed was just going to be a small side benefit.

What Happened

It’s easy to overlook the impact of website speed on search rankings, but situations like this remind us that the “little stuff” matters. While the blog we were managing was already speed optimized – we were using consolidated and minified CSS and JS, serving optimized images via lazy loading, etc. – switching to a more powerful host improved server response times about 0.15 seconds. This tiny increase in responsiveness lead to a noticeable increase in search traffic from Bing and Google almost immediately after switching hosts.

faster website load time brings 53% more search traffic: Spork case study

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