Optimizing your listings on Amazon is a great way to both:

  • Sell more product and
  • Gather more reviews...which also leads to sales

At Spork, we help registered brands* optimize their Amazon listings with search optimized text, high quality imagery, and A+ content.

NOTE: We also work with registered brands to boost sales thru Amazon ads. Learn more about our ad services here.


Amazon Gets More Competitive Every Day

As Amazon grows, it becomes more and more difficult for brands to differentiate their products. In order to stand out, your products need:

  • Helpful, search optimized titles and text that help consumers find and buy your products
  • Custom imagery that illustrates product features and benefits
  • A+ content that builds value in your brand

This combination of optimized text, quality imagery, and A+ content - supported by advertising - is the key to standing out.


Listing Optimization FOR AMAZON Pricing

Listing optimization can be very affordable - as little as $249/listing.

Our fee is based on the amount of work required for each listing:


Optimized listings need quality product photos that illustrate key features. If quality photos are needed, we can take them.

Search Optimization

Listings need text with relevant search terms, and that text needs to convince consumers to buy.

A+ Content

A+ content is sales copy, and should drive home key product features and benefits with text and graphic design.

To determine the cost of optimizing an existing listing, please request a quote below.

*NOTE: All Amazon listing and advertising services are currently only available for registered brands.

Listing Optimization FOR AMAZON Quote Request