Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Spork Marketing Different?

There are a lot of little things that make Spork different (our experience, our success as an online automotive publisher, our development expertise), but the big differences between Spork and similar companies are:

  1. Our focus on auto parts and accessories. There are general online marketing companies, then there are online marketing companies that specialize in the auto industry…and then there’s Spork. We’re one of the only online marketing companies in the world that’s 100% focused on helping auto parts and accessories retailers/manufacturers sell more parts.
  2. The way we bill. We believe we should earn our fee every month, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver results. Therefore, we don’t require our clients to commit long term. We’re happy to go month to month.
  3. Our simple, direct reporting and communication. We decided long ago to keep our focus on “hard” metrics like transactions, revenue, traffic, return on ad spend, etc. Our reporting boils our work down to these basic metrics, because we know that these are the metrics that matter most to our clients.

What Do You Charge? Do You Have a Minimum Budget Requirement?

Our goal for every client we work with is to provide excellent ROI. As a result, we always work with our clients to find a budget that is affordable while still giving us enough resources to be effective.

We can work on a monthly basis (with no long-term commitment), a project basis (a one-time cost), or even a contract basis for select clients. Our price ranges vary from one service to another:

  • PPC management services start at $399 per month
  • Our standard online marketing services start at $1500 per month
  • Contract website design/development projects start at $5,000

For an exact quote, please contact us – we can discuss your project, determine if we’re a good fit for one another, and then figure out a budget that works for you and allows us to do good work.

Why Do You Offer So Many Services? Why Not Just One?

Since so many online marketing companies specialize in one type of service, many people have come to believe that this is the best way to do things. We think this is fundamentally incorrect.

First of all, over the last decade, the world of Internet marketing has been the merging…social media, email marketing, web development, SEO, content marketing, CRO, and PPC have become increasingly intertwined. We’re confident this trend is only going to continue, and that means that we need to be good at all of these things to help our clients.

Second, our specialty doesn’t lie with the tools we use. Just like an automotive tech doesn’t specialize in using a torque wrench, we don’t specialize in one skill area only. We specialize in marketing your auto parts and accessories business online. That’s what we hang our hat on – content marketing, email, web development…these are just the tools we use to help your business grow.

What's The Deal With The Name Spork?

Sporks and marketing have almost no relationship to one another (only we’ve written a blog post about the similarities between the two).

Basically, we like the name “spork” because it’s memorable…and because it shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Why Should We Hire An Agency? Shouldn't We Build Our Own Team?

The short answer is that it’s hard to build an internal team that can match our skills and expertise at our budget. For less than the cost of one full time employee, you can have a team of marketers that have been working in the parts and accessories industry promoting your company.

The longer answer is that:

  1. Finding the best marketing tactics for your company isn’t easy. You’ll spend a lot of time figuring out what we already know.
  2. It’s expensive to hire your own in-house team of marketers that can match the skills of an agency. Spork, for example, offers web design and development, pay per click expertise, content marketing skills, social media marketing skills, and more. It’s impossible to hire all these skills in-house without a $40k/month marketing budget.
  3. Even if you have the budget to build a team, it’s often difficult to find people who are proficient. Years of marketing experience in the auto parts industry? Even harder to find.
  4. It’s not always easy to manage an in-house marketing team. What should your team be doing day to day? How will you evaluate their performance? When can you expect results, and what happens if they aren’t forthcoming? Etc. When you hire an agency, management is easy. If we improve your business, we keep working for you. If not, you fire us. Nothing to it.

Finally, even if you put together an internal marketing team, we can help amplify their effectiveness. We can fill in missing skills, help complete tasks that require staff you don’t have, or bring our unique abilities to the work your team is already doing.

The bottom line is this: If you’re in the business of selling auto parts or accessories online, odds are good we can help you sell more. Give us a shout.

What Advice Do You Have For Finding a Good Automotive Marketing Company?

The short answer is that references and results are really, really important. When you’re looking for automotive parts and accessory marketing companies, there two things you should look for:

1. Demand proof of results. A lot of companies talk about online marketing, but how many of them have clients that dominate search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? How many can direct you to top-notch examples of web development, and provide analytics reports to show that these sites generate revenue? How many can put you in touch with a half-a-dozen clients who sing their praises at a moment’s notice?

We love what we do (really, no joke – we love it). It’s a point of pride to do a great job, and our goal is to be the very best automotive part and accessory marketers in the world. We’re ready and able to prove that we know what we’re doing – just ask.

2. Ask for ideas and a “battle plan.” When we start talking to a new potential client, we like to take the time to review their specific site and goals, and then to provide them with both a) a realistic projection of results and b) a detailed outline of the work we’d like to do.

Many companies are reluctant to share ideas until they’ve got you on the hook, but we’re not scared to talk about ideas with anyone…the secret isn’t the ideas, it’s the execution that counts.

Why Should I Hire Spork? I'd Like To Hire A Local Marketing Agency.

We bring extensive knowledge of the auto parts industry to bear alongside online marketing expertise. We offer a unique combination of skills with low risk and high potential for reward.

However, here some other things that set us apart from the typical marketing agency:

  • Accessibility. There’s no corporate red tape to speak to us. Each client gets access to our direct lines and we love to be accessible.
  • Experienced Client Managers. We have senior-level team members dedicated to our clients’ success. When you sign up as a client, you don’t get introduced to some wet behind the ears marketer who just graduated college last year.
  • Our Auto Industry Reach. We’ve been helping automotive companies market parts and accessories for years. We know who’s going to care about your new product. We know auto bloggers and journalists on a first-name basis. We know that “blinker fluid” isn’t a real thing. The same can’t be said for the typical marketing agency.

We appreciate that there are advantages in working with a local company, especially when the relationship first gets started. However, hiring a marketing agency shouldn’t be about making the choice that feels comfortable – it should be about hiring the company that can best help you grow.

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