Building Out A Content Family For Top Rankings

Goal: Rank a brand new retailer's website for a competitive niche term

A brand new retailer has a niche product that is selling well on Amazon and eBay, but that is invisible on Google.

Action: Develop a "family" of content

Google emphasizes "families" of content that support a particular topic or topic area (aka "entity"). Creating content that addresses every aspect of a topic area is often sufficient to rank on page 1 for that topic.

Action: Build a world-class product page

With a family of content created, a superb product page was the last step in the process. Leveraging existing content, the product served as a hub linking all the topics together.

Result: #3 Rankings

At the start of our project, the client's website was not ranked for the target term. Just a few months later, we were #3. This generated thousands of dollars of high margin sales each month. Additionally, rankings for related products and product categories also improved.