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Our Culture

At Spork, we hate meetings and love the freedom to work flexibly. We strive for work-life balance. We like a challenge. We enjoy doing the impossible. We thrive under pressure. We try very hard to encourage innovation, creativity, and accomplishment. Oh, and we really hate meetings.

Here’s why you might like working with us:

  1. We’re not hung up on credentials. We want people that get it done.
  2. We strive to be a company that is flexible; flexible schedules, flexible locations, flexible career goals, and more.
  3. We believe in nurturing our talent and promoting from within.
Spork Marketing Clients

Our Clients

Our clients are national parts and accessory retailers and manufacturers. We work with a wide gamut of clients on their online marketing efforts – OEM, aftermarket, restoration, performance, truck and off-road – to name a few. “Online Marketing” is ever evolving and we’re always on the look out for talented people to join us.

Current Openings

Part-Time Automotive Writer

Are you an experienced blogger? Are you interested in writing automotive content? If so, come work with us. We’re looking for a part-time writer who can meet deadlines, follow instructions, and who has pride in their work. Automotive writing experience is required.

Here’s what we need:

  1. First, we need a writer who is willing and able to do research into how an automotive system works, the pros and cons of a particular auto accessory, typical consumer opinions about parts and accessories on automotive forums, blogs, etc. You have to be “down” with learning about new topics on a daily basis.
  2. Second, we need someone who is interested in focusing on details. If you want to write articles that don’t really dive into the “nuts and bolts” of a topic, you’re not going to be happy working with us.
  3. Third, know that we’re going to ask you to write about trucks and off-roading on a regular basis. If you’re only interested in writing about Ferraris and BMWs, you’re not going to be happy working with us.

The rate is based on the level of quality of your work and your experience. Additionally, we’re open to paying an hourly rate rather than a per piece rate if that works out better. Sometimes, with research-intensive work, an hourly rate is a better deal for writers…we’re flexible and want our writers to be fairly compensated.

Finally, we provide our writers with considerable details and information when we assign work, and we are available to answer questions before you begin. In fact, if you start each article by writing an outline, and then submitting that outline for review, you’ll all but eliminate rewrites and streamline your research time considerably.

How To Apply

Our short and simple application is here. Just fill it out, and if we’re interested we’ll contact you.

Professional Spork Tamer

We occasionally need help wrangling our sporks, as they can get unruly and aggressive from time to time.

The ideal candidate will have experience managing sporks or other utensils (knife experience is a plus). Compensation is commensurate with experience.

How To Apply

You know what to do.

Experienced Spork Charmer

If you read this, you either work for Spork or you’re on your way. The best piece of advice we can give here is to put “Experienced Spork Charmer” on your resume or in your reply to our initial contact email. That shows you’re paying attention and doing your research, and we like that very much.