Here's a short list of services, tools, and software that we have had good experience with.

NOTE: We may receive financial compensation if you pay for one of these tools after clicking one of our links.  However, we'd recommend all of this "stuff" whether we got paid or not.


Domain Registration From Spork Hosting - We offer both hosting and domain registration services. However, we only recommend domains. There are better options for hosting.

Digital Ocean - Great, fast, and affordable hosting perfect for developers and/or website owners who don't mind getting their hands dirty. Use this link to signup and you'll get a $10 credit!


CallRail - We use CallRail for all our call tracking needs, and recommend it to any company with phone sales. CallRail makes it easy to track calls back to individual ads, but also offers call recording, routing, and some other handy features.

Gusto - An incredibly easy payroll management system that has saved Spork Marketing a mountain of time and heartache.

Bench - We use Bench for all our accounting. All the data and reports we need are here, everything is connected, and there's a real bookkeeper to help us if/when we need something. Jason would have more hair if he'd have found this company sooner...

360Payments - Payment processing service that specializes in the auto industry. No contracts, no expensive equipment requirements, easy ecommerce integrations, and low fees.

TaxJar - The best combination of features, reliability, and pricing for sales tax collection and processing. Easily integrates with most ecommerce platforms.

123RF - A great selection of stock photography, easily searched and very affordable. Unlike other stock photo companies, you can avoid a monthly fee and just pay per download.

OptinMonster - Show your customers coupon offers, remind them of your low price guarantee on exit, and promote free downloads to grow your email list. A must-have tool for etailers.

SellerCandy - Managing an Amazon account often requires tedious back-and-forth with support, and for a fee you can make that problem go away. SellerCandy helps Amazon sellers deal with all the little "stuff" that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Elfsight - This tool makes it easy to add widgets to your site without code. It is particularly helpful for displaying product reviews, as you can pull them in from varying sources all into one place (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Google, etc.)

WordPress Plugins

BackupBuddy - It's a cheesy name, but it's our favorite backup plugin for WordPress. It's fast, easy to use, reliable, and you can store backups on S3 for pennies a month.

BeaverBuilder - The name is kind of dumb, but this might be the best theme builder available. While it's not as fancy or polished as builders like Divi or WPBakery, it also doesn't leave behind a bunch of gunk code if you decide to switch themes.


We love these free software tools.

WordPress - The world's most popular website platform.

Notepad2 - A great open-source alternative to Windows Notepad that examines file syntax (great for coding). Also nice for editing massive text files.

Audacity - Excellent podcasting tool that is completely free.

G.I.M.P. - Open-source image manipulation software, similar to Photoshop but not nearly as bloated or expensive.