Website Re-Design leads To Big Gains In Search Traffic and Sales

Goal: Give Website More Professional Look Without Sacrificing Any Authenticity

A new client came to us with a website that had been built by an inexperienced developer. We knew right away that we would need to redevelop the site to take the client to another level.

However, the site had many endearing aspects that gave it a lot of authenticity. We wanted to build something nicer/better, but we didn't want to lose any of the cool little bits of authenticity.

Action: Website Update

Working with WordPress and WooCommerce, we developed a new site from scratch. Our process:

  • Map out the key pages of the site, based on business goals, marketing strategy, and analytics data
  • Mockup a new design, with an emphasis on usability and simplicity
  • Using our carefully curated set of plugins and tools, develop a new site from the mockup
  • Ensure the site reflects all best practices (fast page load, simple checkout, low distraction cart and checkout pages, etc.)

Result: Record Sales and Google Search Rankings

Immediately after the website update process was completed, we noticed a sizable (+15%) increase in sales and traffic. However, 90 days later, sales and traffic were up over 40%.