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Whether you need someone to help you manage your existing site or develop a new one, we can help.

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Do You Need a New Site, or a Site That Works?

Most web development companies want to sell you a new website. That way:

  1. They can just work on the platform(s) they’re comfortable with
  2. They can move you to code and systems that they’ve already perfected
  3. They can charge you a lot of money

While there are times when moving to a new site makes sense, that’s not always the best choice. Sometimes, the best thing to do is improve the site you already have.

Here's How We Approach Site Development

What's working on your current site and what isn't? Analytics and testing can tell us a lot.
Can we update/fix/improve something on your existing site to make it more effective?
If we have to build something new, what exactly is the plan?
What's the ROI of whatever work we're considering? Can we revise our plan to improve it?
In the case of ecommerce, is there a hosted system that makes more sense?
Website platforms we've worked with

We work with all major platforms

Samples of Our Work

We've built dozens of websites over the years, from full-fledged ecommerce sites to simple (and inexpensive) brochure sites for services and brands. This selection is intended to show the variety of sites we've built, at a range of budgets.

By The Way, We're Happy To Help Maintain The Site You've Got

If you’re a client of Spork Marketing, we’re happy to help you maintain your website. If not, we’re happy to discuss a custom website maintenance package, provided of course you’re in the auto parts or accessories industry.

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