Spork Case Study: Don't Leave!

Calls Skyrocket With Exit Overlay

Our Goal

Generate additional phone calls and sales.

What We Did

Based on feedback, we became aware of the fact that many of our client’s website visitors had a hard time looking up the part(s) they needed. In an effort to try and help these visitors find parts – and to try and keep customers from leaving our client’s site – we tested an exit overlay that offered site visitors a free part look-up over the phone. We developed custom code to not only trigger the overlay based on user intent, but also to show the overlay only during the client’s business hours (so that someone would answer the call).

What Happened

Call volume increased by more than 40%. Notably, the exit overlay had no negative impact on website conversion rates…the site converted just as well as before, but phone call volume (and phone call sales) increased substantially.

40% call volume growth in one month after exit overlay gets added

Want More Calls and More Sales?

The story we’ve told here isn’t about exit overlays – it’s about recognizing a problem and finding a solution. Let’s talk about how we can do the same for you.

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