Increased Call Volume With A Simple Exit Overlay

PLEASE NOTE: This case study is several years old now (2014). We were one of the early adopters of some 'exit intent' javascript we found on GitHub called oibounce. At the time, most people didn't know about or use exit intent as a trigger.

We've left this case study up to remind people that exit intent is a great tool in any marketing toolbox.

Goal: Increased Call Volume

An online replacement parts retailer has a lot of success selling parts to inbound callers. They asked us to look for ways to increase call volumes.

Action: Exit Overlay

Using javascript, we created an overlay/pop-over window that would show-up if the user moved their mouse to the 'back' or 'close' buttons in the browser. This window encouraged the customer to call if they had questions and/or couldn't find the part they needed.

Result: +40% Call Volume

After initially configuring the exit intent overlay, we noticed a solid (but not spectacular) 10% increase in call volumes.

We ran a series of A/B tests to identify the best performing message for our exit intent overlay, and overall call volumes have increased 40% as a result.