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What is HTTPS, and Why Does My Ecommerce Website Need It?

When it comes to ecommerce, security is paramount. To ensure security, most websites use something called SSL encryption to protect any data passed between a website and a shopper (and vice versa). However, SSL encryption requires a secure form of communication between a website and a customer, and that secure form of communication is known… Read More

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Insider Interview Series – ShowMeTheParts, Branded Catalogs For Aftermarket Parts Suppliers

Today, we’re talking with Ronald Garand, Vice President of Vertical Development about the company’s product, ShowMeTheParts. Advertised as, “All the information you need to find the correct part for every application,” this up-to-date, public parts catalog is a big success. ShowMeTheParts accounts for 70% of Vertical Development’s sales and has averaged 25% growth yearly over… Read More

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RPMWare, software solutions for aftermarket auto parts

RPMWare, Software Solutions For The Auto Parts Industry

An Interview With Parts Industry Insiders, Matt Gold and Kyle West In our third post for Spork Marketing’s interview series, we talk with Matt Gold, President & Data Czar and Kyle West, Founder & Chief Geek, from RPMWare.  As enthusiasts, both Kyle and Matt understand aftermarket auto shops and manufacturers don’t want to spend time maintaining part prices…. Read More

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How to test your auto parts ads

How Long Does It Take To Test Auto Parts Advertising?

Trying out new advertising opportunities is always a good idea – you never know what works until you give it a shot. The question is, how long does it take to determine if advertising works or if it’s a waste of money? To answer this question, you’ll need to do two things.

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3 things auto parts etailers must know about content marketing roi

3 Things Every Auto Parts Etailer Must Know About Content Marketing ROI

An effective online marketing strategy starts with a solid content marketing plan. Content marketing works because: It’s helpful. Your content will help people understand your brand, learn how your product(s) address their pain points, offer solutions to problems, etc. It boosts consumer trust. Would you rather buy parts from someone who knows all about parts,… Read More

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3 Auto Parts Promotional Offers That Won’t Run Over Your Profits

Shoppers are always looking for a deal. Research shows that discount codes and promotional offers can drive customers to your site and boost sales, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. The trouble is, special offers can kill profitability (especially for smaller etailers that are dependent on drop-shipping). But we have good news: There are coupons… Read More

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