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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has three main benefits:

  1. It can generate instant or near-instant results.
  2. It can always be customized to fit a specific budget
  3. The effects of PPC ads are highly measurable with the right tracking in place

Unlike SEO, PPC advertising works fast – if we setup your account today, you may see the benefits as soon as tomorrow.


When PPC Advertising Works Best

Pay-per-click advertising works exceptionally well when you:

  1. Have a clean, easy to use website
  2. Offer flat-rate shipping (or free shipping)
  3. Offer competitive pricing

For online auto parts and accessory retailers, we recommend pay-per-click advertising on Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter.

Why Should I Hire A PPC Management Company – Can’t I Manage My Ads Myself?

Spork Marketing AdWords Certified

Spork Marketing is a Google AdWords certified partner.

At first glance, pay-per-click advertising is deceptively simple. You punch in your keywords, your bids, and the you put in your credit card and hope for the best. However, most of the do-it-yourself ad campaigns that we’ve inherited were wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on bad clicks.

Put simply: Almost anyone can setup a PPC campaign, but it takes knowledge and experience to create a campaign that’s profitable.

A good PPC management company will┬ámaximize your click budget, ensuring that you get the best ROI possible. Spork Marketing is a Google AdWords certified partner, and we’re well-versed in Facebook and AdCenter PPC campaign management as well.

Questions To Ask Your PPC Management Company

Experience and sophistication separate good PPC management companies from the rest of the pack. Here are some questions you want to ask:

1. What does account management entail? Some companies just provide monthly reports, while others are always refining keywords and ad copy, testing new headlines and landing pages, etc. You want a company that is always testing.

2. What is your average keyword quality score?┬áPay-per-click platforms like Google’s AdWords and Microsoft’s AdCenter have something called a “quality score” that they assign to every keyword. High quality scores mean low costs, and your PPC management company should be managing established accounts with quality scores of 7 or higher. New accounts may have scores as low as 3, but that should change after 90 days.

3. Will you help me setup click and conversion tracking? There are a lot of PPC management companies that offer ad management services, but don’t have the ability to help you setup tracking. Many of them tell you that you’ll have to “place some code,” then push this responsibility off on you.

Since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, accurate tracking is critical to ensuring PPC advertising success. If the company you’re talking to can’t help you place and verify click and conversion tracking, find another company.