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We're Auto Industry Specialists

By focusing on the auto parts and accessories marketplace, we’ve developed relationships and processes that make it easy for us to produce results quickly. Our industry-specific experience means we hit the ground running.

We Love Analytics

Professing our love for analytics might not make us sound cool, but we seriously love a good data dive. From hunting for long tail search terms to conversion rate optimization to statistical modeling, we appreciate analytics.

We're Web Publishers

Content is the key to promoting a website – if you create great content, you can build an audience, garner a reputation, and earn links that lead to great rankings. Spork Publishing owns and operates many automotive websites.

Remember MySpace? We do.

Since we opened for business in 2007, we’ve seen big changes in the online marketing industry. It’s true that we’re only a few years old, but our industry is only a few years older. We’ve been around the block.

How We Work:

We Earn Our Fees Every Month

At Spork, we don’t believe in requiring long-term contracts. We’re happy to contract month-to-month, as we’re confident in the quality of our services and the value we deliver.

Data Drives Every Decision

Considering the analytics and measurement tools available, there’s no reason to make guesses or “gut” decisions about marketing. When it’s time to make a decision about where to spend advertising dollars, or what marketing tactics we should focus on, we let the data make the decision.

Form Always Follows Function

There’s a tendency in the world of marketing and advertising to be different purely for the sake of being different. While we value creativity, it should always take a backseat to functionality. For example: We’d rather build a “boring” website that works than a beautiful website that doesn’t sell parts.

We're Blue-Collar By Nature

Some marketing companies wine and dine clients – that’s not us. We all come from hard-working backgrounds, and no one at Spork stands on ceremony.

Our reports and are simple and concise. Our communications are direct and matter-of-fact. We respect your time and keep it simple.

Basically, we’re not a “Madison Avenue” kind of agency. Hopefully you’re OK with that.

Client Revenue is Our Mission

There’s an old business truism that’s guided Spork since our inception in 2007: “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.”

No matter what project we’re working on, no matter what our responsibility, we’re always concerned with generating revenue for our clients. That’s how we ensure our services provide value.

What We Do For Clients:

Website Promotion
Social Media Marketing
Ad Management
Content Creation
Web Design & Development

Who We've Worked With

While we can't list ALL the clients and companies we've worked with, you can see that we stay pretty busy.
  • CompleteOffRoad.com logo
  • NewGMParts.com logo
  • RealMazdaParts.com logo
  • EuroSportTuning.com logo

You Know The Broad Strokes

While there’s a lot more to Spork than what we’ve outlined above, you’ve got the broad strokes. The next step is to contact us about your project.

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