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At Spork, We Believe in Data

Instead of throwing out cliches about our "commitment to greatness" or our "results-driven philosophy," this page is going to explain what kind of company Spork is and how we like to work. We believe our performance speaks for itself.

What we believe:

  • We earn our client's business every month - no long-term contracts or agreements required.
  • Data drives every decision.
  • Form always follows function.
  • Logic and analysis will always lead to the best choice.
  • Our number one priority is to help our clients make more money.

Our approach is successful because it's based on experience. Since 2007, our successes and failures have helped us refine our approach and reinforced the importance of our beliefs. To measure our effectiveness, please review our portfolio.

How We Like to Work

We think meetings should be short and to the point. Our reporting is simple and focused - we pride ourselves on giving our clients everything they need to evaluate our efforts with a 1-2 page monthly report. We like to collaborate with our clients on a plan, provide an outline, and then execute. Instead of taking you to a fancy lunch, we'd rather do a quick call and get back to working on your project.

Basically, when we work, we like to run.

Why We Call Ourselves "Spork" Marketing

Because we think it's funny and memorable - and because titanium sporks like the one below are just cool.

A cool titanium spork

We could rename the company to something like "Spark Plug Marketing," but the business cards are already printed, so...

The History of Spork Marketing

Spork Marketing, LLC was founded by Jason Lancaster in January 2007. For the first two years of Spork Marketing's existence, Spork did not take any clients - Jason wanted to focus his energy on his own projects, and Spork Marketing reflected that focus. While the company grew in size and capability between 2007 and 2009, Jason was Spork Marketing's only client.

However, in early 2009, Jason's ambitions for Spork Marketing had changed. After an extended honeymoon in late 2008 and early 2009 that included travel to Asia and Central America, Jason was ready for a new challenge. Spork Marketing began to accept clients.

2012 brought more change, as Spork Marketing began to focus on the auto industry (specifically, parts and accessory retailers and manufacturers). Working with dealership parts departments, accessory retailers, and accessory manufacturers, Spork began to specialize.

Watch Spork's founder Jason Lancaster reflect on starting the company and his philosophies below.

We Love Internet Marketing Like A Monkey Loves Coconuts
Jason Lancaster
Jason Lancaster / President

The founder of Spork Marketing, Jason is an experienced SEO consultant, PPC manager, and web developer. Jason also has a decade of sales experience AND an engineering degree - a unique set of qualifications in any industry.

Soo Dawson
Soo Dawson / Project Manager

Soo Dawson has worked for an eclectic array of large and small companies in multiple industries. Her expertise with various CMS platforms, direct response marketing, and link building makes her a valuable member of the Spork Marketing team.

Elizabeth Puckett
Elizabeth Puckett / Content Marketing

As an experienced blogger, social media manager, and Pontiac Firebird enthusiast, Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to develop and market automotive content online. From guest blogging to infographics to ebooks, Elizabeth is a car content expert.

Taryn Eby
Taryn Eby / Marketing Assistant

A veteran of the automotive service marketing industry, Taryn brings energy and helpful industry experience in to Spork.

A Lot of Internet Marketing Companies Are The Same - Here's How We're Different.

While it seems like every marketing company is the same, there are some differences that separate our company from the rest:

  • No mandatory minimum contracts. We're happy to earn our client's business every month, so we don't require new clients to sign-up long term.
  • We're focused on the auto industry. We respect and appreciate a cool custom car. We enjoy auto racing. We go to SEMA. We know that "blinker fluid" isn't a real thing...
  • We're exclusive. When we sign up a client that has a well-defined niche, that's the only client we service in that niche. If you sell OEM GM parts, you're are our only OEM GM parts client. If you sell performance camshafts, you're our only performance camshafts client. We don't "double dip."
  • We practice what we preach, meaning that we've created and successfully marketed own websites focused on auto parts, accessories, and the industry (see our portfolio for more info).

Last but not least, we only work with clients that we know we can help. If we aren't positive that we can improve your situation, we won't take your money.

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