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Anyone Pitching Journalists or Bloggers Should Be On Quora

I’m consistently amazed at how small Quora is – or at least how small it seems to be. When I use the site, I keep seeing the same small group of people answering questions in the topic areas that I’m interested in. To me, this is indicative of three things:

  1. The Internet is full of cool stuff, and it’s hard to know where to spend time
  2. Quora has a lot of room for growth
  3. Online marketing people (be they in PR, SEO, content, whatever) haven’t figured out how powerful Quora is

If you’re a person working in online marketing, this post is for you. (more…)

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Auto Parts Ecommerce Shipping Policies – Best Practices

In this installment of our ongoing Auto Parts Ecommerce Marketing Fundamentals series, we’re going to look at shipping from a consumer’s perspective. While it might sound boring to talk about “shipping policies,” shipping costs are a primary concern for consumers who shop online. (more…)

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Web Analytics 101 – What You Must, Should, and Could Be Tracking

An auto part and accessory retailer's guide to web analytics and tracking

The importance of tracking and web analytics is well understood. However, despite the consensus, a lot of online parts retailers aren’t tracking what they should be. From neglecting call tracking and campaign-specific URLs to failing to use Google Analytics to it’s full potential, there’s a lot that could be done to improve tracking on your average auto parts website.

Here’s a detailed explanation of why tracking is important, as well as a break-down of what retailers should be tracking. We’ve also included some advice on getting tracking implemented.


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Contest Gives You a Chance to Kick-Start Your Auto Writing Career

Do you have dreams of being a featured writer on an auto site? An exciting new contest by is giving you the chance to show what you’re made of.

Writing Contest Gives You a Chance to Get Published is looking for articles on virtually anything automotive related — so put together a piece that exhibits your talent and interest and see what happens. (more…)

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Ecommerce SEO is Really Just Marketing – Great slideshare Presentation

When I started working in online marketing in 2006, most SEO practices – like directory submission, link exchanges, blog commenting – were “tricks.” They weren’t about establishing expertise, building trust, connecting with potential customers, etc. They were all about rankings.

When these tricks began to lose their effectiveness in 2008, a lot of people said “SEO is dead.”

However, SEO isn’t dead…it’s just been put back under the much larger online marketing umbrella. Instead of talking about SEO as some sort of stand-alone activity, today we talk about SEO as one aspect of a larger online marketing effort: (more…)

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