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SEMA Market Reports Show That Industry Needs Better Content

If you’re in the business of selling parts and accessories, a SEMA membership is probably a worthwhile investment. Not only does membership entitle you to attend the world’s greatest car show, but it also gets you some awesome market research info like the SEMA annual report. Free for SEMA members, you can download the report… Read More

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Ask Spork Marketing – What’s The Value Of A Link?

Here’s a question that we’ve heard a few times: Do you have a way of evaluating links and their effectiveness compared to their cost / effort needed to acquire them? Short answer: No. There’s no reliable, proven metric for determining the value of an individual link. This is by design, as search engines don’t want… Read More

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Auto Parts Ecommerce: How To Collect Payments

If you’re selling auto parts and/or accessories online, you need a method of collecting payments. This article explains the basics, and offers some advice as well. If you’re new to ecommerce, this post is for you.

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