One Way Inflation Is Impacting Auto Parts Sales – Reduced Brand Preference

For years, we at Spork have seen firsthand that auto parts and accessories consumers have strong brand preferences: For replacement and maintenance parts, consumers are typically drawn towards OEM and/or premium brand names over concerns about quality and reliability For accessories, consumers are drawn toward brands with clear identities and values, as accessorizing a vehicle…

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7 Tips For Reducing Shipping Costs On Auto Parts

Shipping is often a ecommerce company’s greatest expense. Therefore, anything your company can do to keep shipping costs down will have a big impact on profits. Here are seven of our best tips for reducing ecommerce shipping and fulfillment costs.

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The High Cost Of Revenue-Based Marketing Fees

calculator invoice and high cost of revenue based marketing fees

There are two ways that most marketing agencies charge for their services: A fee for a service, where the agency and the client agree to charge a fixed dollar amount for a service A fee as a percentage of revenue, where the agency takes a slice of the total in exchange for services At first…

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Should You Redesign Your Auto Parts Website?

Over the years, we’ve written a bit about website design and redesign. It’s a big topic that comes up over and over again, and one that business owners shouldn’t consider lightly. Website design is an investment, but when it’s done right, you can make money on that investment. Here we bring you some of the…

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What Every E-Tailer Should Know About Negotiating Shipping Rates

Here’s a secret: UPS, FedEx, and US Postal Service shipping rates are not set in stone. These carriers want your business, and for larger retailers, they’re often willing to negotiate rates. In fact, negotiating shipping rates is so common that there are entire companies dedicated to doing it for you. However, if you prefer to…

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Top 5 Things to Negotiate With Shipping Carriers

Negotiate shipping services

Did you know that you can negotiate with shipping companies over service fees and charges? Now you do, and that probably already has you excited. After all, shipping is a huge expense for part retailers, and also a great place to squeeze out some additional margin. While this is not a complete list of price…

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