Should You Redesign Your Auto Parts Website?

Over the years, we’ve written a bit about website design and redesign. It’s a big topic that comes up over and over again, and one that business owners shouldn’t consider lightly. Website design is an investment, but when it’s done right, you can make money on that investment.

Here we bring you some of the highlights that show you the who, what, when, where, and why’s of website redesign.

WHO: Choose The Best Ecommerce Web Designer For You.

All auto parts manufacturers aren’t the same. You know that. It’s for the same reasons that all ecommerce web designers aren’t the same either. When it comes to creating enterprise-level ecommerce stores, you need to call in the specialists. Read: “Four Crucial Tips for Choosing an Ecommerce Designer.”

WHAT: Hard Costs And Opportunity Costs.

This is the crux of considering a website redesign. What’s it cost you? Both in hard costs for the new site and in lost business now as a result of a crappy website. In “How Much Is A Website Redesign Really Worth?” we share our own story, the good and the bad, of a SporkMarketing.com redesign.

Site design is like the tires on a car. While important, the design must work with all other moving parts.

WHEN: Did You Go To The Tire Store Before You Went To The Car Dealer?

In our post “Five Reasons To Talk To A Marketing Firm Before You Hire A Web Designer,” we compare web design to tires. Design is only one piece of a successful website. We recommend you talk to search marketing firms before designers to get the most out of any website.

WHERE: Successful Websites Have The Same Traits In The Same Place.

Would you believe that there really is a correct place on your website to put your search box, your phone number, and your most important text? In “13 Things The Best Auto Parts Website Designs Have In Common,” we show you where.

WHY: Design Your Site To Sell Auto Parts.

We know – sales are a given. But often times we see auto parts ecommerce sites with designs that work against sales. In “Auto Parts Website Design – 3 Best Practices” we give you tips for an ecommerce store design that works in your favor.

If you are considering a website redesign, be sure to factor in all of your marketing ambitions. Then, contact us. We’d be happy to advise you on the state of your current auto parts ecommerce site design.

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