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Web design and marketing are different skills. Web designers must be creative, while marketers must be analytical. A great web designer is rarely a great marketer, and a great marketer is rarely a great designer…and that means that you need a team to build a great website.

At Spork, we’ve got the team you need.

SEO Is Critical To The Success Of Your Website

Three facts that everyone can agree upon:

  1. The goal of your business website is to generate revenue.
  2. The only way to generate revenue online is to get website visitors.
  3. Most people use search engines to find business websites.

Logically, if you want your business website to make money, you need visitors…and that means you need to show up in the search results.

If you need to show up in search results, then you need an SEO expert to help you design your website, right?

You Need An SEO Expert On Your Web Design Team

SEO is critical to your website’s success, and SEO starts with structure. Before we even think about designing a website:

  1. We consult with you about your business goals
  2. We review your current SEO strategy and website analytics
  3. We conduct keyword research and evaluate your existing content
  4. We propose a content plan and sitemap that a) meets your business goals and b) gives us a clear path to SEO success

Only AFTER we have a content plan and a sitemap will we start talking about design.

At Spork, we believe the look and feel of your website is secondary. It’s not that we don’t like to build great-looking sites (we do), it’s that our SEO experience has shown us the importance of website content and structure.

Do We Build Good-Looking Websites?

Check out our portfolio below and see for yourself.

Recent Projects
See more examples of our work on our Projects and Portfolio page.

While many designers can build a great looking website, there's no substitute for working with team that includes SEO expertise. Contact us to discuss your project.