Email Marketing Isn't Sexy

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important.


88% of marketers think email is boring. (NOTE: not a real statistic.)

Most Marketers Don't Get Excited About Email

Email marketing isn’t new. It started to become popular in the early 90’s, which means it’s at least 5 years older than Google, about 15 years older than Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, and quite possibly older than a lot of the people who work in online marketing.

Therefore, email marketing doesn’t get the attention of new, “shinier” tactics…and that’s a shame. Email offers an excellent ROI. In the right hands, email marketing works.

Four Questions Every Email Marketer Should Be Able To Answer

Email marketing isn't rocket science ...but it isn't throwing together a coupon offer and pressing 'Send' either. Here are four questions that hopefully won't stump you or whomever is in charge of your email marketing efforts.
It starts with a subject line - what can you say to 'get the open'?
Is your design mobile friendly? That's how a lot of us read marketing emails.
Are your messages going to the junk folder? If you're not using a good email delivery tool, they might be.
Who's in charge of testing offers, subject lines, layouts, etc.?

We like email. Really.

Email marketing is NOT sexy, but it’s very important. If you or your marketing team isn’t giving email the attention it deserves, let’s talk.

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