Why Spork? What Is It?

I get a lot of questions about why I chose “spork” for our company name and logo.

There’s no sentimental reason for choosing a spork – instead it’s just a fun word for a utensil that symbolizes efficiency, simplicity and effectiveness. Since this is what our marketing firm stands for, the spork seemed to represent our company fairly well.

Here’s what a spork is for anyone who doesn’t know:

Officially, the word “spork” is actually a combination of the two words “fork” and “spoon.” It resembles a spoon with tines (see image below).

A spork

No one knows who officially invented the spork, though many have claimed it by registering for trademarks and patents both in the United States and in other countries since the late 1800s. The first official reference to the word “Spork” appeared in the 1909 Century Dictionary. The spork was defined as “a long, slender spoon having at the end of the bowl projections resembling the tines of a fork.”

Today, most of us know about the spork from visiting fast food establishments like Taco Bell (though Spork Marketing feels strongly about the fact that there is no connection between its brand and that of fast food) or from the small packets you get for picnics that include a spork, napkin and a salt and pepper packet wrapped in cellophane.

There are many varieties of sporks. Popular with campers (because of their utility) a variety of sporks can be purchased online. They can be made from plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. There are folding sporks, sporks with an integrated knife edge on the handle, sporks with very long tines, sporks with big or small scoops, and sporks can have as few as three tines, or as many as five.

The point is this: Even though sporks are simple tools, they come in many varieties and are made for many different purposes. A spork can be customized to fit your specific needs.

The next time you see a spork, I hope that you think about Spork Marketing. I think that you’ll come to visualize Spork Marketing as simple, efficient, and effective marketing.

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