ShowMeTheParts Catalog With WordPress

The Premier Parts Catalog System and The Best Content Management System, Combined

WordPress and ShowMeTheParts are both industry leaders. Integrating the two just makes sense.

Why Combine ShowMeTheParts and WordPress?

Combining WordPress and the ShowMeTheParts catalog system allows for a completely customizable website:

  1. You have complete control over the look and feel of your catalog
  2. Users can lookup parts in the ShowMeTheParts database, without leaving your website
  3. When it comes to features, the sky is the limit

See how we integrated ShowMeTheParts into, a WordPress website, in the demo video below.

Why WordPress?

Fast, Affordable Development

As the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress allows for a fast, affordable development cycle.

Easy To Extend

Want a site with ecommerce capability? We can add it to WordPress.

Want a site with a private login area for your wholesale customers? We can add it to WordPress.

Want to make your site multi-lingual? We can add that to WordPress too.

In fact, there are thousands of customizations available for WordPress.

Easy To Manage

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage your own WordPress website. It’s easy to add or change page content, update photos, change menu options, and more.

NOTE: This Integration Is Only Available From Spork

The video above demonstrates code that was developed by Spork Marketing specifically for the ShowMeTheParts API and WordPress. You won't find this integration anywhere else. If you'd like to order this plugin for your website, please contact us.

Let's Talk About Your Project

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do with WordPress and the ShowMeTheParts catalog, the best thing to do is contact us. A quick call is the easiest way to figure out if this is the right option for your company.

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