Conversion Rate Optimization For Auto Parts And Accessories


In this video, Spork Marketing President Jason Lancaster talks about why conversion rate optimization (CRO) is important for auto parts and accessories eCommerce, as well as our general approach to offering CRO services. We’ve summarized the video below, and you can visit our CRO services page to learn more about what we do. What Is…

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Redesigning Your Ecommerce Website? Here’s The Best Practice Process

Best Process for REdesigning an Ecommerce Site

Website redesigns can be perilous: Redesigning an old, out-of-date site is usually really smart, but sometimes old and out-of-date sites are surprisingly effective. Redesigns typically impact organic search traffic and rankings. Sometimes, the impact is positive. Sometimes it isn’t. Redesigns that don’t incorporate data and consumer research usually don’t work well. Many companies have experienced…

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Ecommerce Abandoned Carts: A Plan of Attack

abandoned cart plan of attack

It’s estimated that 69.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That means that – on average – seven out of 10 online shoppers will put something in their cart and then leave a website without making a purchase. In auto parts, we find cart abandonment rates range from about 60% all the way up to…

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