Parts Marketing Idea – Forum Sponsorship

In the world of automotive enthusiasts, online forums are immensely popular (and have been for over a decade). With their frequent niche focus and affordable advertising rates, they can be a great auto parts marketing tool. However, if you’re not up to speed on forum advertising best practices, they can also be a huge waste…

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Auto Parts Marketing Idea – Hold Your Own Car Show

classic car show

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing auto parts, retailing parts online, or retailing parts in your local market, a car show can be an effective and affordable way to market your company. Car shows tend to draw hard-core automotive enthusiasts who are influencers on social media, car shows often garner media coverage, and they’re…

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Performance Part And Accessory Marketing Idea – Dyno Testing

Market performance parts with dyno tests

Does your company manufacturer performance products? Or maybe retail performance products? Either way, dyno testing is a relatively cheap and easy way to give your company a marketing boost. Consumers who are in the market for performance products are genuinely interested in seeing a dyno chart, dyno testing lends credibility to performance products, and dyno…

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Parts Marketing Idea – Produce Installation Videos

YouTube is incredibly popular with auto parts buyers, and the reason is simple: YouTube is the best place to find videos explaining how to complete repairs, add accessories, and even check out product reviews. Therefore, if you want to sell more parts, you want to create installation videos.

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Parts Marketing Idea – Offer Branded Merchandise

If you’ve ever seen a hat or t-shirt with a company logo on it, you’ve seen branded merchandise. And, you see a lot of people wearing Nike branded clothes (for example), you would logically assume Nike is a big brand. So, what if you could get people wearing your company’s brand at car shows, swap…

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3 Auto Parts Promotional Offers That Won’t Run Over Your Profits

Shoppers are always looking for a deal. Research shows that discount codes and promotional offers can drive customers to your site and boost sales, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. The trouble is, special offers can kill profitability (especially for smaller etailers that are dependent on drop-shipping). But we have good news: There are coupons…

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