How To Organize An Auto Parts Ecommerce Site


There are two ways that most auto parts and accessories ecommerce websites are organized: Category-Based Organization, where the consumer finds parts by navigating categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories Year-Make-Model Search + Categories, where the consumer filters all parts by year, make, and model before they see any categories Both options have merit, and deciding between these…

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Redesigning Your Ecommerce Website? Here’s The Best Practice Process

Best Process for REdesigning an Ecommerce Site

Website redesigns can be perilous: Redesigning an old, out-of-date site is usually really smart, but sometimes old and out-of-date sites are surprisingly effective. Redesigns typically impact organic search traffic and rankings. Sometimes, the impact is positive. Sometimes it isn’t. Redesigns that don’t incorporate data and consumer research usually don’t work well. Many companies have experienced…

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Parts Website Navigation 101

Navigation 101

Making the navigation on your website easy to use seems like a no-brainer – you link to the “stuff” you want your users to find in the main menu, then you just assume your users will find it and everything will go to plan. Unfortunately, website navigation is actually quite difficult. Helping your customers find…

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Auto Parts Website Design Best Practices

Best Practices for Auto Parts Website Designs

As much as we wish we could tell you the old adage, “If you build it, they will come” applies to your website, we can’t. Simply having a site that offers parts for sale isn’t enough. To be a successful ecommerce retailer, you need to design your site to draw customers in and, ultimately, convince…

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