When It Comes To Selling Parts Online, Site Speed Is Crucial

speedometer to represent fast site

Racers love the expression “speed is life.” It’s a mantra – a simple phrase that reminds every driver that going faster is the key to success. And as it turns out, speed is life in both racing and ecommerce. A volume of data from well known marketing nerds like Neil Patel, website service providers like Cloudflare,…

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What Are Traffic Sources? Google Analytics For Beginners

Previously, we talked about the differences between Google Analytics users, sessions, and pageviews. Now, we’d like to discuss how you can use Google Analytics to determine your website’s traffic sources. Of all the data stored in Google Analytics, traffic source data is perhaps the most valueable.

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What is HTTPS, and Why Does My Ecommerce Website Need It?

When it comes to ecommerce, security is paramount. To ensure security, most websites use something called SSL encryption to protect any data passed between a website and a shopper (and vice versa). However, SSL encryption requires a secure form of communication between a website and a customer, and that secure form of communication is known…

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Getting Started: What To Do Before You Launch Your Parts Site

Tips & to-dos before launching an auto parts website

You’ve decided to sell auto parts online, and step one is to build a website, right? We don’t think so. We think building a website is at least step three, and probably further down your list. There are a few things to figure out before launching a parts site, like choosing a parts niche, deciding…

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