Top 5 Things to Negotiate With Shipping Carriers

Negotiate shipping services

Did you know that you can negotiate with shipping companies over service fees and charges? Now you do, and that probably already has you excited. After all, shipping is a huge expense for part retailers, and also a great place to squeeze out some additional margin. While this is not a complete list of price…

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Parts Marketing Idea – Offer Free Shipping

Auto Parts Marketing Idea: Offer Free Shipping

As a retailer or manufacturer who sells car parts, free shipping can be a good way to pull in more business. While free shipping eats into margins, it often increases a consumer’s willingness to spend. Revenue – and the number of transactions you complete – can often increase. More transactions and more revenue generally lead to more…

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Parts Marketing Idea – Toss Some Freebies And Flyers In The Box

Auto Parts Marketing Idea: Shipping Tips

There’s an old truism in business: “your best customers are the people who have already bought from you.” Hence, one of the smartest things any business can do is “upsell” their existing customers, encouraging them to buy more parts whenever you have their attention. And one of the best times to get your customer’s attention…

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Auto Parts Ecommerce Shipping Policies – Best Practices

Best Practices for Shipping Policies - auto parts ecommerce

In this installment of our ongoing Auto Parts Ecommerce Marketing Fundamentals series, we’re going to look at shipping from a consumer’s perspective. While it might sound boring to talk about “shipping policies,” shipping costs are a primary concern for consumers who shop online.

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