We Have A New Studio Because Videos and Photos Are The Future

Spork Studio with Jeep, camera, and lights

For the better part of two decades, you could boil all online marketing tips, advice, and best practices down to one mantra: Content is king. And as tired as this mantra is, it’s still absolutely correct in 2020. Content is the heart of the online experience. “Content is king,” now and forever. Content is the…

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Free SEO Tip – Make Your Site Faster With Optimized Images

User experience – particularly when it comes to website speed – is critical to both conversion rate and search engine optimization (SEO). Faster websites tend to sell more parts, and they also tend to rank better. There are several ways to speed up your site, but one of the easiest ways is to follow these image optimization…

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How To Shoot Your Own Ecommerce Product Photos

Compelling product descriptions are a best practice for ecommerce (as we’ve written about before), but a great written description is not enough to sell a part or accessory. If you want your site to grow, you need high quality photos of your products. The good news: It’s easy to produce good quality product photos, even…

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