A New Guide Breaks Down The Many Facets Of Multi-Channel Selling

The ecommerce playing field is ultra competitive and multi-channel inventory management absolutely can give players an edge. However, multi-channel selling and management is a big undertaking. Thankfully, manufacturers and retailers who are new to it or struggling with multi-channel management will gain clear insight and guidance through Jazva’s new ebook, The PowerSeller’s Guide To Multi-Channel Inventory Management.

This 38-page ebook delves into the variety of sales channels and marketplaces available, providing the precise information needed for business owners to assess the compatibility of each with their products. Citing data collected from BigCommerce, Jazva’s guide begins with understanding the retail customer’s drive. Zeroing in on the consumer’s wants and needs, the guide explores the multi-channel selling strategies and tactics retailers need to increase sales.

The Powerseller’s Guide breaks down 28 subjects into small bites, so readers can quickly increase their understanding of the many aspects of power selling and the decision making process.

Here’s some of the highlights:

  • The top 6 KPIs to improve inventory
  • 3 marketplace models and choosing the right ones
  • Pricing strategies
  • Optimizing supply chain operations
  • What to look for in a SaaS Ecommerce solution

If you’re a manufacturer or etailer who wants to scale your business and become a high-volume seller, download The PowerSeller’s Guide To Multi-Channel Inventory Management. Well-rounded, with just enough details, it’s absolutely worth a read…or two.

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