Does Your Company Need To Hire An AdWords Management Agency? 5 Questions To Find Out

If your company has been “DIY’ing” pay-per-click platforms like AdWords, the value of hiring an agency to manage your PPC ads might not be obvious. After all, all the PPC advertising platforms talk about how easy and user-friendly they are, how cheap they can be, etc. It’s easy to think that ad management is a service you don’t actually need.

Of course, the flip side is that PPC advertising is extremely competitive. If you’re not very careful with your targeting, your ads, your bidding strategy, and so on, you can waste a lot of money fast.

If you’re wondering about the value of hiring a professional to manage your ads, here are five questions you can ask yourself to figure it out.

1) What’s your monthly budget? If your company is spending $500 or less per month on AdWords, it’s hard to hire an ad management company that can help you. Most ad management companies have a minimum services charge of $500 (or more), and it just doesn’t make sense to spend $500 to manage $500 worth of advertising.

As a general rule, we don’t recommend management services for any company with less than $1,000 in monthly spend. Instead, we recommend an account audit, which is basically a review of your account, and then potentially a restructure and short-term management.

In the wrong hands, AdWords can burn up a lot of money fast

2) Are you AdWords certified and trained? If so, you might be able to get by on your own. Again, an audit is probably a good idea, but certification and training goes a long way towards making sure your AdWords advertising is effective.

NOTE: If you’re looking for training, check out Cardinal Path. They have seminars in major cities across the US every week.

3) Are you spending more than $5000 per month? If so, you can almost certainly benefit from ad management, even if your company has a trained person on staff. Even a slight improvement in ad results (say, 10%), can cover the cost of an agency once you get to this budget level.

4) Are you using all the latest and greatest tools and techniques? AdWords is always rolling out new tools, and these tools often require an adjustment to your strategy. When Google rolled out remarketing in 2010, we completely adjusted our strategy and budget allocation for every client. When Google rolled out a new format for text ads in 2016, our ad creation and testing process was completely altered. Etc.

If your company isn’t changing the way you do AdWords every few months, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

5) Is AdWords profitable? This is the last question because it’s the most important question: setting aside everything else, is AdWords working for you? If it isn’t, there’s a problem with your ads, your strategy, or your website.

We’ve never seen an auto parts or accessories business that hasn’t had some level of success with AdWords. Maybe that level of success is barely breaking even, but there’s always a way to earn a profit from AdWords. You just have to work at it.

Learn more about Spork’s auto parts industry PPC ad management services here. Most of our clients earn $5-10 in revenue for every dollar in ad spend – contact us to learn more.

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