We Have A New Studio Because Videos and Photos Are The Future

Spork Studio with Jeep, camera, and lights

For the better part of two decades, you could boil all online marketing tips, advice, and best practices down to one mantra: Content is king. And as tired as this mantra is, it’s still absolutely correct in 2020. Content is the heart of the online experience. “Content is king,” now and forever. Content is the…

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Low Production Quality Internet Video Can Be OK

low quality video on computer

You know that old expression “you get what you pay for?” Turns out, when we’re talking about Internet video, that’s not always the case. There’s an awful lot of emphasis on video production quality in the marketing world, and when you call your local video production company you may find out that shooting a relatively…

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How Much Is A Single Video View Really Worth?

Before investing in video production – which can range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands – it’s a good idea to understand the value a video can provide. In this article, we’re going to talk about the value of video views on both an objective and subjective basis. If you’re…

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Parts Marketing Idea – Produce Installation Videos

YouTube is incredibly popular with auto parts buyers, and the reason is simple: YouTube is the best place to find videos explaining how to complete repairs, add accessories, and even check out product reviews. Therefore, if you want to sell more parts, you want to create installation videos.

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Video SEO Basics Part 2

In Video SEO Basics Part One, we talked about the SEO benefits of adding a video to a page, where to host a video, where to share it, and how to optimize the video when it’s placed on your website. In part two, we’ll talk about the basics of optimizing a video you upload to…

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Video SEO Basics Part 1

You Tube symbol press play

Wondering how you can maximize the SEO value of a video you’ve created? If so, this article is for you. We’ll discuss: Why video can boost your site’s rankings Where you should host your videos online Where you should share videos to maximize their SEO value How to optimize your site for your video to…

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Cheap Video Production Tools

Professional video production can chew up a lot of resources. A professional camera operator works for $500+ a day. A professional video editor can charge more than $100 an hour. Actors will want anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars to appear in a video, and a producer to quarterback the whole operation can cost…

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How To Track Part Sales Back To An Online Video

Video ROI

A wise man once said something akin to “I know I’m wasting half my advertising budget, I just don’t know which half.” If you’re an auto parts manufacturer or retailer who’s invested in online video, you can probably relate to this complaint. For most companies investing in online video: You know people are watching your…

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What’s The Value Of An Online Video? Metrics and ROI

Online video ROI

One of our favorite expressions at Spork is “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” A lot of manufacturers and retailers in the auto parts and accessories industry have made big investments in online video. But what’s the ROI of these videos? Are these videos a good use of resources? Do they generate sales? In this article,…

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