Parts Ecommerce In 2023: What Will Change And What Will Stay The Same?

2023 auto parts ecommerce changes

It’s that time of year when everyone makes predictions about the next year. In this post, we’ll tell you what we expect to change, what won’t change, and why. The big notes: This is going to be TikTok’s year (unless it isn’t) The funny money (a/k/a venture capital funds) is leaving ecommerce for greener pastures…

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One Way Inflation Is Impacting Auto Parts Sales – Reduced Brand Preference

For years, we at Spork have seen firsthand that auto parts and accessories consumers have strong brand preferences: For replacement and maintenance parts, consumers are typically drawn towards OEM and/or premium brand names over concerns about quality and reliability For accessories, consumers are drawn toward brands with clear identities and values, as accessorizing a vehicle…

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Vehicle Electrification Trends – Parts And Accessories Sales

Vehicle electrification is underway, with 4+ million EVs on the road in the US by the end of 2021¹ and sales growing rapidly. What does it mean for parts and accessories sales? Should the auto parts and accessories industries expect growth or shrinkage? Will we see demand for certain types of parts or accessories collapse?…

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The Fastest Growing After-Market Part And Accessory Segments

parts industry growth

When I reviewed the 2013 SEMA annual marketing report a few weeks ago (which I wrote more about here), a table in the first few pages of the report caught my eye. Essentially, this table tallied the annual revenue of after-market parts and accessories by segment. Without revealing specific numbers (SEMA wants you to pay…

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