Google Advertising For Auto Parts – 5 Oddball Tips

With more than a decade of experience managing Google Ads campaigns for auto part and accessories companies, we thought we’d share some of the oddball tips and tricks we have picked up along the way. If you’re in charge of advertising at your company, you might find at least one of these tips helpful.

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7 Tips For Reducing Shipping Costs On Auto Parts

Shipping is often a ecommerce company’s greatest expense. Therefore, anything your company can do to keep shipping costs down will have a big impact on profits. Here are seven of our best tips for reducing ecommerce shipping and fulfillment costs.

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How To Organize An Auto Parts Ecommerce Site


There are two ways that most auto parts and accessories ecommerce websites are organized: Category-Based Organization, where the consumer finds parts by navigating categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories Year-Make-Model Search + Categories, where the consumer filters all parts by year, make, and model before they see any categories Both options have merit, and deciding between these…

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Parts and Accessories Packaging Design Tips For Ecommerce

impact-of-packaging-design-in auto-parts-ecomm

Packaging is a key component of ecommerce success – so much so that many auto parts and accessories manufacturers should re-evaluate all of their existing packaging. For years, packaging has been designed with two primary concerns: Packaging as a sales tool – Conveying product value, helping the customer visualize product ownership, and addressing common objections.…

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Selling Parts On eBay, Amazon, And Other Marketplaces

selling auto parts on marketplaces

eBay and Amazon sell a lot of auto parts and accessories. So do, Newegg, and Rakuten. All of these sites are open to 3rd party auto part retailers, and many find them to be a great source of additional revenue. Here’s a rundown of each marketplace, with some tips and advice.

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How To Buy Digital Advertising Without Losing Your Shorts

There’s an army of advertising salespeople pushing digital advertising options. They will talk about how “limited” or “exclusive” their opportunity is, how lucky you are that they have a slot open, and so on. These salespeople will often push banners in online magazines, forum sponsorships, upgrades for premium listing, and packages that combine online and…

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Marketing Your Site On Forums And Fan Pages

marketing your site on forums and fan pages

The old-fashioned online forum is (surprisingly) popular with the automotive enthusiast community, even today. There are hundreds of automotive forums (big and small) devoted to specific vehicles, brands, or activities. There are also Facebook fan pages and groups devoted to specific models or vehicle interests. Below are some details about online communities that – when…

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How To Build Your Own Content Operations Platform (Content Hub)

How to build a content hub

As a marketing agency, we generate a lot of content. Over the years, we’ve used various processes to manage the ideation, creation, review, and publication of all the content we generate. For a long time, we used GatherContent for this, but things changed with that tool recently and we had to either: Change all our…

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Quick Auto Parts Ecommerce Tip – Contact Customer and Verify Fitment

matching puzzle pieces -exact fitment

No one – not manufacturers, not distributors, not retailers, and definitely not consumers – likes dealing with a part or accessory return. Returns are a hassle, and even if you charge a restocking fee, returns are typically a net loss. So, to maximize profits and minimize hassles for you, your supplier(s), and your customers, it’s…

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