Two Minute Guide To Optimized Title Tags


The HTML <title> tag is an important element of on-site search engine optimization (SEO). While a good title tag isn’t going to make your page #1 on Google all by itself, it can help boost rankings, search traffic, and even help with sales. Title tags can also be important for social media sharing, and can…

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Proper SEO Tagging For Auto Parts Ecommerce Sites

Optimizing your site’s “tags” is an SEO basic, and while perfectly optimized HTML titles and META description tags are not going to make your auto parts ecommerce site rank #1 on Google, they can definitely help your site. Updated tags can improve rankings, and they’ll also help you generate more clicks from Google and Bing…

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Marketing To The Parts Consumers During Each Stage Of The Buying Process

Does your marketing strategy consider the entire customer buying process? Consumers tend to take a variety of actions before making a purchase, and marketing to potential customers in various stages of the buying process is a best practice. Here are some tips to help auto parts and accessories companies market to consumers at key points…

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