Auto Parts Marketing Idea – Hold Your Own Car Show

classic car show

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing auto parts, retailing parts online, or retailing parts in your local market, a car show can be an effective and affordable way to market your company. Car shows tend to draw hard-core automotive enthusiasts who are influencers on social media, car shows often garner media coverage, and they’re…

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Parts Marketing Idea – Sponsor A Build

parts marketing idea - sponsor a build

Few activities garner the interest of hard-core enthusiasts like project vehicles or “builds.” Thus, sponsoring a project car or a build is a great way to get your brand name in front of hard-core enthusiasts. Since many of these enthusiasts are influential on social media, sponsoring a build is also a great way to get…

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National Auto Parts Advertising Costs by Medium – A Quick Overview

marketing roi

Thinking about a national ad campaign for your auto parts brand or website? Here’s some pricing info for a handful of common advertising mediums that parts manufacturers and major retailers like to use. The rates can range dramatically from one opportunity to the next, so obviously the numbers will include a wide range of values.…

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