Two Minute Guide To Optimized Title Tags


The HTML <title> tag is an important element of on-site search engine optimization (SEO). While a good title tag isn’t going to make your page #1 on Google all by itself, it can help boost rankings, search traffic, and even help with sales. Title tags can also be important for social media sharing, and can…

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Video SEO Basics Part 2

In Video SEO Basics Part One, we talked about the SEO benefits of adding a video to a page, where to host a video, where to share it, and how to optimize the video when it’s placed on your website. In part two, we’ll talk about the basics of optimizing a video you upload to…

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Video SEO Basics Part 1

You Tube symbol press play

Wondering how you can maximize the SEO value of a video you’ve created? If so, this article is for you. We’ll discuss: Why video can boost your site’s rankings Where you should host your videos online Where you should share videos to maximize their SEO value How to optimize your site for your video to…

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What’s The Difference Between SEO And PPC?

Here’s a basic question that a lot of people have for us: What’s the difference between SEO and PPC? In the screenshot of Google search results below, all the ‘green’ stuff is advertising, and all the rest is SEO.

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Do You Need SEO, Or Do You Need A Better Website?

Every so often a potential client with a poorly converting website asks for search engine optimization (SEO) services. We want to give people what they ask for, but we know that finding a way to bring more visitors to a poorly converting website isn’t going to help. Sometimes the problem isn’t that people aren’t finding…

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Blogging Tip – Add Internal Links To Every Post

diagram internal links point to blog

Blogging is one of the cornerstones of online marketing. When done correctly, a blog helps introduce consumers to your products, addresses objections consumers may have before buying, and supports consumers with installation advice, troubleshooting information, etc. A parts and accessories ecommerce site with a good blog is also likely to be ranked #1 on Google…

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Free SEO Tip – Make Your Site Faster With Optimized Images

User experience – particularly when it comes to website speed – is critical to both conversion rate and search engine optimization (SEO). Faster websites tend to sell more parts, and they also tend to rank better. There are several ways to speed up your site, but one of the easiest ways is to follow these image optimization…

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Proper SEO Tagging For Auto Parts Ecommerce Sites

Optimizing your site’s “tags” is an SEO basic, and while perfectly optimized HTML titles and META description tags are not going to make your auto parts ecommerce site rank #1 on Google, they can definitely help your site. Updated tags can improve rankings, and they’ll also help you generate more clicks from Google and Bing…

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The Key To SEO Isn’t Technical Perfection – It’s Content

As an auto parts marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization, we’re always following news about the search engines. From technical analysis of various patents and case studies, to more general news about algorithm updates, we’ve always got our ears on the rail. This technical information is interesting, and it’s often helpful to know this…

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