360 Payments: Payment Processing For Parts Ecommerce – Insider Interview Series

We’ve recently come to know 360 Payments, a payment processing company with a huge presence in the auto industry (primarily in automotive repair, but also in several other niches). We interview one of 360 Payments account executives (Taylor Maxwell) below, specifically focused on how their payment processing solution can integrate with popular parts and accessories…

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Why Your Auto Parts Store Should Accept AMEX

American Express logo on computer

There’s a long list of companies that don’t want to accept American Express (AMEX), including a lot of auto parts and accessories etailers. AMEX charges hefty fees, their chargeback policies are skewed in the customer’s favor, and they can be difficult to work with whenever there’s a dispute. Compared to VISA and MasterCard, AMEX is…

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Accepting PayPal On Your Auto Parts eCommerce Store

If you’re an online retailer thinking about accepting PayPal, this article is for you. We’ll talk about why accepting PayPal is a good idea, PayPal’s different products/services, and give you some tips for getting started with PayPal as a retailer.

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Selling Auto Parts And Accessories with WooCommerce – Part 1 – Setup

Many auto part and accessory etailers – including a number of our clients – use WooCommerce to power their online store. A popular ecommerce add-on for WordPress, WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. While we don’t recommend WooCommerce for all applications, we do find that WooCommerce is an excellent option for…

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A Good List of Hidden Ecommerce Website Costs

Hidden Ecommerce Site Costs

An article posted on PracticalEcommerce.com last week did a good job of enumerating some of the hidden costs of owning and operating an ecommerce website. While I’d encourage you to read the full article (and ignore the bit about bandwidth, as there are lots of solutions to that problem), the short list of hidden costs includes:

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