Ecommerce Abandoned Carts: A Plan of Attack

abandoned cart plan of attack

It’s estimated that 69.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That means that – on average – seven out of 10 online shoppers will put something in their cart and then leave a website without making a purchase. In auto parts, we find cart abandonment rates range from about 60% all the way up to…

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The How And Why Of Social Media Marketing In Auto Parts Ecommerce

When a car breaks, people who want to buy the parts they need online don’t go to Facebook or Twitter to order a replacement. Instead, they go to Google (or Bing) and search. So, if you’re an online parts retailer, the best place to acquire new customers is from a search engine. Likewise, if you’re…

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Ask Spork Marketing: How Fast Does Google Index A Website?

An auto parts ecommerce client recently asked us this question: When I make a website live, we add the site and site map to the Google Search Console, but I’m finding that not all of the pages are getting indexed as quickly as I thought they would. Do you have any insight into how and…

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5 Ways To Fight Credit Card Fraud in Parts Ecommerce

Credit card fraud has always been an issue in ecommerce, but – lately – it seems to have increased. We’ve heard this from our clients, and recent news reports have mentioned this as well. So, in response to these reports, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to preventing credit card fraud for auto parts and…

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Are MAP Policies Good or Bad For Auto Parts Ecommerce?

The Truth About MAP Policies

MAP policies – or minimum allowed price policies – are increasingly popular in the after-market parts and accessories industry, and for good reason: without MAP policies, parts are often offered on eBay or Amazon at cost plus a very small margin. By adopting MAP policies, brands have made it possible for online and offline retailers…

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