Convermax: The Fitment Search Solution For Shopify, BigCommerce, And More

Today, we are speaking with Alex Sherbachev, Founder and CEO of Convermax. Convermax offers on-site search solutions – including Year-Make-Model Fitment Search tools – for several ecommerce platforms: Convermax’s year-make-model lookup Shopify app has excellent reviews, and it has been mentioned to us by several people. We reached out to Convermax to learn more about…

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Vehicle Electrification Trends – Parts And Accessories Sales

Vehicle electrification is underway, with 4+ million EVs on the road in the US by the end of 2021¹ and sales growing rapidly. What does it mean for parts and accessories sales? Should the auto parts and accessories industries expect growth or shrinkage? Will we see demand for certain types of parts or accessories collapse?…

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Should Your Ecommerce Store Be Collecting Sales Tax?


If you’re new to selling online – or if your store has only started to grow recently – you may be wondering about sales tax. What should you collect? What rates apply in which states? How do you collect and send money to the right entities? etc. The good news is that, if either a)…

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When It Comes To Selling Parts Online, Site Speed Is Crucial

speedometer to represent fast site

Racers love the expression “speed is life.” It’s a mantra – a simple phrase that reminds every driver that going faster is the key to success. And as it turns out, speed is life in both racing and ecommerce. A volume of data from well known marketing nerds like Neil Patel, website service providers like Cloudflare,…

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E-Motive’s Fully Managed Ecommerce Solutions – Parts Insider Interview Series

In today’s Parts Insider Interview, we’re talking with Karl Wellman, North American Business Development Director and Andrew Rowson, the CEO and Founder of E-Motive, a global company that specializes in omnichannel solutions for auto parts ecommerce. E-Motive Online assists auto parts businesses with multilingual, multi-marketplace setup and software integration, inventory management, data building, data management,…

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Do You Need SEO, Or Do You Need A Better Website?

Every so often a potential client with a poorly converting website asks for search engine optimization (SEO) services. We want to give people what they ask for, but we know that finding a way to bring more visitors to a poorly converting website isn’t going to help. Sometimes the problem isn’t that people aren’t finding…

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Quick Auto Parts Ecommerce Tip – Contact Customer and Verify Fitment

matching puzzle pieces -exact fitment

No one – not manufacturers, not distributors, not retailers, and definitely not consumers – likes dealing with a part or accessory return. Returns are a hassle, and even if you charge a restocking fee, returns are typically a net loss. So, to maximize profits and minimize hassles for you, your supplier(s), and your customers, it’s…

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