Performance-Based Marketing Is Bad For Clients

Performance based marketing is a bad deal.

A recent article from the Think With Google marketing blog included a baffling statistic: 41% of agencies now use a performance-based compensation model. This is incredible, as performance-based fee arrangements almost never benefit clients. Marketing Isn’t Magic Most marketing agencies do the same thing – the basics: Agencies exist because they offer businesses expertise and…

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Phone Call Best Practices For Dealership Parts Departments

If you’re in a dealership parts department, you’re selling parts online, and you’re wondering how you can grow sales (and get profitable) we invite you to consider the telephone! Your parts department probably isn’t doing a great job on the phone (we rarely encounter that), and even if they are there are some things they…

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Eliminate Returns To Maximize Profits – Best Practices

When we talk about parts and accessories ecommerce, we’re usually focused on increasing sales to grow profits. But there’s another easy way for most parts and accessories retailers to increase profits: eliminate product returns. Product returns are extraordinarily expensive. Optoro – a “returns solution provider for retailers and brands” – says that the average return…

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Redesigning Your Ecommerce Website? Here’s The Best Practice Process

Best Process for REdesigning an Ecommerce Site

Website redesigns can be perilous: Redesigning an old, out-of-date site is usually really smart, but sometimes old and out-of-date sites are surprisingly effective. Redesigns typically impact organic search traffic and rankings. Sometimes, the impact is positive. Sometimes it isn’t. Redesigns that don’t incorporate data and consumer research usually don’t work well. Many companies have experienced…

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Quick Auto Parts Ecommerce Tip – Contact Customer and Verify Fitment

matching puzzle pieces -exact fitment

No one – not manufacturers, not distributors, not retailers, and definitely not consumers – likes dealing with a part or accessory return. Returns are a hassle, and even if you charge a restocking fee, returns are typically a net loss. So, to maximize profits and minimize hassles for you, your supplier(s), and your customers, it’s…

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Ecommerce Abandoned Carts: A Plan of Attack

abandoned cart plan of attack

It’s estimated that 69.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That means that – on average – seven out of 10 online shoppers will put something in their cart and then leave a website without making a purchase. In auto parts, we find cart abandonment rates range from about 60% all the way up to…

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Auto Parts Shipping: Best Practices And Advice

Shipping is a big deal to people who buy auto parts online and to people who sell auto parts online, and for good reason: Shipping costs (and delivery times) can make or break an online transaction. Consumers often cite shipping costs and delivery time as their primary objections to buying parts online. Likewise, e-tailers often…

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How To Grow Your Auto Parts Email Marketing List

In case you haven’t heard, email marketing is the tops. Some used to argue that social media would take its’ place, but the numbers don’t lie. According to Kissmetrics: “…email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined…” “every web search made on every search engine every day equals just…

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What is HTTPS, and Why Does My Ecommerce Website Need It?

When it comes to ecommerce, security is paramount. To ensure security, most websites use something called SSL encryption to protect any data passed between a website and a shopper (and vice versa). However, SSL encryption requires a secure form of communication between a website and a customer, and that secure form of communication is known…

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