Dealing With Automotive Ecommerce Data

Banner ecom data

While there’s nothing easy about selling auto parts online, wrangling product data is no picnic. One could say that managing product data is the hardest part of selling parts online (arguably). This is because product data is considerable, complex, and constantly changing. Ecommerce platforms that are designed to manage automotive data do a great job…

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General Auto Parts Website Marketing Strategy Part I

Web martketing strategy1

Selling auto parts online is pretty simple: You provide customers with the information they need to make a purchase decision You gain the customer’s trust You reassure the customer and get them to put their part in the cart The problem? While the process is simple, executing the process is very difficult. You need a…

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Getting Started – Choosing An Auto Parts Marketing Niche

How to Choose an Auto Parts Marketing Niche

While there are some ecommerce sites that manage to achieve great success trying to be “the Amazon of parts and accessories,” most successful ecommerce sites find success focusing on a specific niche of the auto parts market. A niche focus is often a make or break proposition for new retailers: If you cast your net too…

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Auto Parts Ecommerce Shipping Policies – Best Practices

Best Practices for Shipping Policies - auto parts ecommerce

In this installment of our ongoing Auto Parts Ecommerce Marketing Fundamentals series, we’re going to look at shipping from a consumer’s perspective. While it might sound boring to talk about “shipping policies,” shipping costs are a primary concern for consumers who shop online.

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Web Analytics 101 – What You Must, Should, And Could Be Tracking

An auto part and accessory retailer's guide to web analytics and tracking

The importance of tracking and web analytics is well understood. However, despite the consensus, a lot of online parts retailers aren’t tracking what they should be. From neglecting call tracking and campaign-specific URLs to failing to use Google Analytics to its full potential, there’s a lot that could be done to improve tracking on your average auto parts…

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The Awesome Power of Reddit For Automotive Marketers

Reddit Marketing Tips

Whether you’re an auto part manufacturer or a retailer, you need to pay attention to Reddit. Not only is it a great source of website traffic, it’s also a great place to “tune” your content, and it can even help you get some press exposure. Here’s what you need to know:

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