Domain Name And Hosting FAQs

If you are creating a new website or reconsidering your existing domain name and hosting arrangement, this post is for you. We cover the basics to help you understand how to choose your domain name and your hosting. What’s A Domain Name?What Advice Can You Give Me For Selecting A Domain Name?What Is Hosting And…

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Parts Ecommerce SKU Best Practices

If you run a parts ecommerce website, you’re juggling a lot of product ID data-SKUs, MPNs, ASINs, UPCs, and so on: You need a manufacturer’s part number (or brand SKU) to place a wholesale order. You need a GTIN or UPC to track inventory and/or improve your Google Shopping Ads performance. You may have a…

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Geographic Map of Website Users – Google Analytics For Beginners

One of the coolest features of Google’s free analytics system is that it can show you a geographic map of your website’s users. Geographic maps can help determine top markets, the effectiveness of offline campaigns, where to target special offers and advertisements, and more. This info is also interesting and dare we say “fun to…

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Auto Part And Accessory Content Marketing – The Basics

Auto Parts & Accessories content marketing basics

“Content” is any web-based tool, resource, or information that the public will find useful, informative, or entertaining. “Content marketing” is just what it sounds like – using the content the public loves to market your business. In the 1990s, before the Internet took off, the most common form of “content marketing” was a phone book.

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Leverage Offline Events To Drive Online Sales


Auto parts retail is growing rapidly on the internet, so much so that many traditional “brick and mortar” retailers are struggling to grow. However, this shift from traditional retail to online retail doesn’t mean that so-called “offline” marketing is a waste of time for etailers. In fact, online-only part and accessory retailers can benefit greatly…

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Using Email and Social Media to Build Customer Loyalty

Email social loyalty

Your best customer is one that you’ve already done business with. Your previous customers: Trust you enough to buy from your company (they’ve done it before) Know how to use your site, what to expect, etc. If you’ve done all the right things, your previous customers like your company Studies have shown that repeat customers…

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Website Advertising

Spork banner 5 ad tips

Advertising is brutally simple, at least in concept: Come up with a message Blast that message on a particular ad medium Measure the results Refine and repeat The trouble is, most advertisers struggle with steps 1, 3, and 4. Coming up with a message requires research and testing. Measuring results requires analysis. Refinement requires all…

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