Can You Manage Google Ads In-House?


Here’s a question we get from time to time: Why should our company hire an agency to manage ads? Why not just manage the ads in-house? Short Answer: While managing ads in-house is easier now than it’s ever been before, there’s still a lot of value in hiring an outside expert. Agencies like ours can…

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What’s The Difference Between SEO And PPC?

Here’s a basic question that a lot of people have for us: What’s the difference between SEO and PPC? In the screenshot of Google search results below, all the ‘green’ stuff is advertising, and all the rest is SEO.

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Auto Parts Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Tips and Best Practices

Auto Parts PPC Tips

PPC advertising is arguably the best way to spend your auto parts (and accessories) advertising dollar. Pay-per-click is easy to track, easy to optimize for efficiency, and easy to budget for. At Spork, we help everyone in the auto parts and accessories industry manage pay-per-click advertising:

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Is Your Auto Parts PPC Campaign Working?

PPC advertising

A department store owner named John Wanamaker once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John uttered this statement sometime in the 19th century, and despite more than 100 years of innovation and technology in the advertising business, we still don’t have a great…

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Beware PPC Management Firms Who Want To Own Your Data

Pay-Per-Click Client Rights

When you hire a pay-per-click management firm, we believe you have some specific rights as a client: You have the right to understand the managed account structure and layout, keyword strategy, and so on. You have a right to access the account at any time to review data. You have a right to manage access…

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