How To Organize An Auto Parts Ecommerce Site


There are two ways that most auto parts and accessories ecommerce websites are organized: Category-Based Organization, where the consumer finds parts by navigating categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories Year-Make-Model Search + Categories, where the consumer filters all parts by year, make, and model before they see any categories Both options have merit, and deciding between these…

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Building An Auto Parts Ecommerce Site With BigCommerce, Shopify, or 3dcart

When it comes to building an auto parts ecommerce website, there are quite a few platform options to choose from. We maintain a list of different platforms here, but you can basically divide all auto the platforms into three categories: Platforms purpose built for OEM parts and accessories Platforms purpose built for aftermarket parts and…

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Parts Insider Interview Series – Unified Commerce EBIZPLATFORM

In today’s Parts Insider Interview, we’re talking with Chris Leebelt, CEO & CIO of EBIZPLATFORM. EBIZPLATFORM is a Unified Commerce Platform for Manufacturers and Suppliers of complex products (like auto parts). It offers businesses a way to simplify the data management process and enable ecommerce with an available API that offers almost limitless capabilities.

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The Best Ecommerce Platform For Auto Parts

Best ecommerce system for auto parts and accessories

There are lots of ecommerce systems for auto parts (more than a dozen, in fact – see this list for all of them). All of these systems have the same basic set of features, which makes it hard to choose between them. However, the best ecommerce platforms for auto parts do four things well:

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Auto Parts Ecommerce Using Magento – Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Magento

At Spork, we’re often asked about using Magento as an auto parts ecommerce platform. While there are certainly some benefits to Magento’s ecommerce platform, it is not a platform we typically recommend. This post will lay out the pros and cons of using Magento for auto parts ecommerce, and explain why Magento isn’t our first…

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Auto Parts Websites – Build Your Own or Pay For A Hosted System?

Platform collage

Let’s state the obvious: If you’re going to sell auto parts and accessories online, you need an ecommerce website. The question is, should you: Build your own ecommerce site off a platform like Magento or WooCommerce, OR Pay for a hosted ecommerce solution (like Web Shop Manager, BigCommerce, or Shopify)? While there’s no cut and…

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