Two Minute Guide To Optimized Title Tags


The HTML <title> tag is an important element of on-site search engine optimization (SEO). While a good title tag isn’t going to make your page #1 on Google all by itself, it can help boost rankings, search traffic, and even help with sales. Title tags can also be important for social media sharing, and can…

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How Are You Testing Your Marketing Message?

A customer asks “Why should I buy your X instead of one from your competitor?” What do you say? And, importantly, how do you know that your response is effective? Experienced salespeople and marketers understand the importance of messaging – how you explain what it is that your product does better than every other product.…

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Parts Ecommerce Blogging Best Practices, From Design To Content to Promotion

Posting and sharing content on a regular basis is one of the cornerstones of online marketing – it’s hard to be successful without it. For most companies, this regularly published content “lives” on a blog. Blogs offer a lot of benefits: Blog posts can help sell products by explaining features, offering installation advice, etc. Blog…

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Is it Authentic or Does It Hurt The Brand?

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A lot of marketing and advertising efforts struggle to be authentic, which is to say that a lot of advertising and marketing seems fake, blatantly self promotional, and/or too “slick” to be taken seriously. Consumers see the ad or the content, they judge it to be lacking authenticity, and then they reject it. Marketing fail.…

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